June 2, 2021
NOW OPEN: 31st Romeo Forbes Children's Story Writing Competition

Contest piece by Edrick Daniel

We're back!


Join CANVAS' latest Romeo Forbes Children's Story Writing Competition for a chance not only to win a substantial cash prize, but also to help us with our efforts to promote children's literacy in the Philippines. Sali na!

Rules and Conditions

1.     CANVAS' Romeo Forbes Children's Story Writing Competition is open to all Filipinos anywhere on the planet.  

2.     Entries must not have been previously published, and all entrants warrant the originality of their submitted entries.  

3.     Writers may submit only one (1) entry, in English or Filipino, with a strict and absolute limit of eight hundred fifty (850) words. Hitting above the limit, even by just one word, will be enough to disqualify an entry.  

4.     Entrants are free to choose the theme for their story, but must use this edition's contest piece, a new untitled acrylic on canvas artwork by Edrick Daniel (shown above), as the inspiration or basis for the entry.  

5.     JUDGING. A CANVAS review panel will read and review all stories received based on the following criteria:

      ·       Originality and Storyline    (40%)  

              o   Is there an exciting introduction or hook? o   Is the hero of the story a child or child-like character? Is the hero the one making decisions and moving the story forward?

              o   Is there an engaging conflict that needs to be resolved? Is there a definite connection between the conflict and the resolution?  

      ·       Imagery   (30%)  

              o   Does the story fit the picture-book genre?

              o   Are there interesting characters and elements?

              o   Do the sequences revolve primarily around actions?

              o   Is the story relevant to the contest piece?  

      ·       Quality of Writing (30%)  

              o   Are the introduction, conflict, and resolution distinct? Do the scenes transition smoothly from one to the next?

              o   Does the story use modern and youthful language? Do children characters, if any, speak like actual children?

              o   Does the story employ proper grammar and punctuation?  

The Review Panel will then send its top three to five stories to the Artist, who will select the winning story. 

6.     INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING STORIES. Kindly follow these email instructions carefully when submitting your entry:   

      ·       To: storycontest@canvas.ph


      ·       Body of email: your name, mailing and email address, and telephone/mobile number/s  

      ·       Attachment: MS Word file
             - File name: title of your story (or the first five words of your title)
             - File content: title and full text of story
               DO NOT include your name, contact number, address, or any other information, and do not attach any pictures or other identifying information.  

7.     The deadline for submission of entries is 5:00 p.m. (Manila  time), Friday, July 23, 2021. CANVAS acknowledges each and every entry that we receive. If you submitted a story and do not receive an acknowledgement from us within 24 hours, please assume that your story was not received and kindly resend it to us.  

Nevertheless, entries received after the deadline, even if sent earlier, may no longer be considered for the Competition.  

CANVAS shall not be responsible for entries which are not received, or which are received after the deadline, due to technical failure or for any reason whatsoever. 

8.     There shall be only one winner, who shall receive a cash prize of PHP 45,000.00 (less applicable withholding tax) for his/her entry. The winner shall be responsible for all applicable taxes. The winning writer shall also be entitled to five (5) free copies upon publication of the book.

9.     The winner shall retain his/her full intellectual property rights over his/her story. However, by entering this contest, the winner agrees to grant and assign to CANVAS a concurrent, royalty-free, and non-exclusive right to exercise the same copyright and all other intellectual property rights granted to the author (and his/her assignees), with respect to the winning story.  

Kindly note that it is the intention of CANVAS to enable free and full access to, and sharing of, the winning story to the general public, including making the same freely downloadable on the internet, as well as publishing copies of books based on the winning story for free distribution to children in public schools and disadvantaged communities throughout the Philippines.  

The prize money that will be awarded shall constitute full payment of such concurrent, royalty-free, and non-exclusive grant of intellectual property and publication rights to the winning story.

10.     CANVAS shall not retain any other rights to entries that are not selected as the winner, except where separate agreements are reached with the concerned writers.   

11.     The winner of the CANVAS competition will be announced sometime in September 2021, if not earlier. The winner will also be notified via email/text on the same announcement date.

12.     The decision of CANVAS in selecting the finalists, and the Artist in selecting the winner shall be final, and no correspondence or inquiries into the same — including requests for comments/feedback on received entries — shall be entertained.   

13.     CANVAS shall exercise full and final editorial and artistic control over the publication of the winning entry and resulting book. While it is the full intention of CANVAS to publish the winning entry as a full-color children's book, CANVAS reserves the right not to publish the same for any reason whatsoever.

 14.     Notwithstanding the above, CANVAS shall endeavor to work with and ensure the participation and collaboration of both artist and writer in the process. Specifically, CANVAS shall make arrangements for the artist and writer to meet and exchange ideas and shall facilitate meaningful collaboration between both parties to the extent that they are comfortable with. CANVAS will also work with and solicit the inputs of the artist and writer as regards edits, changes, modifications, and refinements that may be involved in publishing the winning story.   

15.     Employees of CANVAS, and members of their immediate family, as well as the Artist's immediate family, are disqualified from participating in the competition.

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