My Big Sister Can See Dragons

Gaby, Marty’s big sister, can do anything and everything better than Marty. And … she even has a “dragon eye.”  

Gaby can see dragons – big, small, blue, orange, pink, and polka-dotted dragons.  

“Can you teach me?” Marty asked her sister one day, to see dragons, she meant. And so Gaby would show her little sister how …

Few relationships are as precious as that between siblings. From sharing the same womb to the same parents; from sharing the same room to similar life experiences--just that unique, sometimes tender and sometimes tension-filled experience of growing up happens but once in a lifetime.

Our sisters and brothers are our first friends (or foes) and our first playmates, peers, and even role models.

My Big Sister Can See Dragons is a snapshot of that short time, as author Rocky Tirona describes as those “few precious years when Big Sister’s word is infallible". But it is also a homage to the bond difficult to break between big sister and little sister; a story relatable from various angles, and one that touches the heart.

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