Panta Rhea Foundation

Founded by philanthropist Hans Schoepflin, Panta Rhea Foundation strives to create social change by supporting a broad spectrum of projects, including the environment; youth, arts and education; corporate and market campaigns; and alternative media. Panta Rhea Foundation is particularly interested in long term solutions that raise public awareness and involve community participation, while remaining committed to methods that are ecologically sound. The Foundation supports change which protects the global commons, while improving the quality of life for present and future generations.

The name "Panta Rhea" captures, in Greek, the understanding that "change is the nature of all things." The purpose of Panta Rhea is to remind all of us that change is in our nature and to support changes in people and systems that:

  1. Seek long-term solutions to problems embedded in our socio-economic model through education and grassroots engagement while remaining committed to methods that address social justice and the environment;
  2. Promote a transition from a period when nature was abundant and people were scarce to fair sharing in a world where nature is scarce and people are abundant; and
  3. Reorient the purpose of globalization from increasing profits for a few to improving quality of life for all and protecting the global commons.

Northlight Studio is a Manila-based photography studio specializing in advertising and commercial photography. The Studio was put up by Mike C. Cheung, a professional photographer with more than 14 years of extensive experience in advertising photography. Equipped with Hasselblad and Sinar cameras, Sinar digital backs, and Broncolor lighting systems, the Studio is also one of the first in Manila to adopt a completely digital workflow.

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The Artery is a group of visual and literary artists based in Malate, Manila. Since 2002, The Artery has been producing art presentations primarily to aid young talents. To date, eight emergent visual artists have been launched, namely, Anton Balao, Yveese Belen, Romeo Forbes, Tres Roman, Bin and Jef Samonte, Elios Santos, and Rex Tatlonghari.

The Artery, however, has not confined its efforts to buttressing new careers. Shows for seasoned artists like Hermes Alegre and the late Florante Caedo have also been mounted. Group exhibitions that allow the new breed to showcase their works together with the more established are also organized.

The Artery has since evolved into an art events and art management outfit geared towards promoting the visual and literary arts.

Upcoming projects include art management workshops and art/literature publications.

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