Inang Kalikasan's Bad Hair Day
By Recle Etino Vibal
Artworks by John Paul Antido
Branches and leaves sprouted from her head, and that is where Inang Kalikasan’s problem lay. The branches and leaves attracted birds that started making nests on Inang Kalikasan’s head.

She loved the company of birds and their songs, of course, but their nests messed up her hair. Straws, twigs, and bird poo began to fill her once beautiful head.

She tried shooing the birds away, but they simply returned and built their nests when Inang Kalikasan slept.

Ang problema ni Inang Kalikasan: Puno ng sanga’t dahon ang kanyang ulo. Dito dumadapo at gumagawa ng pugad ang mga ibon.

Gustung-gusto man niya ang pagdalaw at pagkanta ng mga ibon, ginugulo ng mga ito ang kanyang buhok. Napupuno ng dayami, siit, at ipot ng ibon ang ulo niyang kayganda dati.

Sinubok niyang bugawin ang mga ibon, ngunit bumabalik lang ang mga ito upang muling gumawa ng pugad sa tuwing matutulog si Inang Kalikasan.

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