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About the Author

ELINE SANTOS graduated from the University of the Philippines at Los Baños with a degree in Communication Arts.

As a child, her Nanay read fairy tales from a big, thick book whose gilded pages contained real treasure. Brownouts were opportunities for wonderful storytelling time as the whole family squeezed into one bed while Tatay wove impromptu stories filled with aswangs, dolphins, and other creatures, both real and imagined.

Eline has written children’s books on the postman, architect, broadcaster, and fireman for Museo Pambata, and various articles for the Junior Inquirer.

About the Artist

JOY MALLARI studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines and is known for her meticulously painted Lip Reader series that capture the emotive qualities of faces in the process of creating syllables.

A member of the Salingpusa group and the Sanggawa Collective, Joy has exhibited her works in Manila, Los Angeles, Denmark, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. She lived in the United States for eight years and is now permanently back in the Philippines, where she resides in Parañaque City.

Doll Eyes is her first book.